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Ljubo Miloš

Bosanski Šamac, 1919 – Zagreb, 1948, official and Ustasha lieutenant

Miloš attended elementary school in Bosanski Šamac, Orašje and Subotica, where he graduated from high school and was employed as an official in the municipal administration.

In June 1941, in response to an invitation from his relative, Vjekoslav Luburić, he came to Zagreb and was employed in the Third Bureau of the Ustasha Surveillance Service. He rose to the rank of Ustasha lieutenant and in October 1941 was made commandant of the work force in Jasenovac Camp III (Brickworks). He served for a short period (in the spring of 1942) in the Jewish camp in Đakovo, but returned to Jasenovac as camp adjutant in the autumn of that year.

Under his command, Ustasha units carried out the “cleaning” of Serbian villages and committed mass executions and individual killings of prisoners.

In December 1942 he was incarcerated in the Sava St. Prison in Zagreb, but was released on Luburić’s insistence. In early 1943 he went to Herzegovina as a member of the Voluntary Home Defence Brigade, where he remained until April of that year, when he returned to Zagreb.

Although he was appointed Commandant of Lepoglava Camp in September 1944, during 1944 and 1945 he visited Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška from time to time, where he participated in prisoner executions.

According to survivor testimonies, Ljubo Miloš personally carried out many prisoner executions in the Ustasha camps of Jasenovac and Lepoglava.

After the collapse of the Independent State of Croatia he fled to Austria and Italy, where he kept in touch with Ustasha émigrés.

In the summer of 1947 he re-entered Yugoslavia illegally, with the aim of organising Ustasha armed groups (Crusaders) to resist the Communist government. He was arrested in July that year and sentenced to death by hanging.


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