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Miroslav Filipović Majstorović

Jajce, 1015 – Zagreb, 1945, priest and Ustasha major

The prisoners called Majstorović Brother Satan.

After graduating from the Franciscan high school in Visovo and studying theology in Sarajevo, he was ordained in 1939.

He ministered in the Franciscan monastery in Petričevac (then an outlying village of Banja Luka) and then as parish priest in the neighbouring village of Šargovac. Here, he linked up with members of the Ustasha movement and became a member in 1940.

In February 1942 he participated in the slaughter of Serbs in the villages of Šargovac, Motike and Drakulić, near Banja Luka. As a result, he was remanded into investigative custody in Zagreb at the end of that month. Vjekoslav Luburić suggested he change his former name to Miroslav Filipović Majstorović, and he joined the Ustasha Defence, which at the time was supervising the operations of all the Ustasha camps in the territory of the ISC.

From 10 May 1942 he was the Commandant of Jasenovac Camp III (Brickworks).

Because of his participation in the mass murders in February 1942 the church authorities excommunicated him from the Franciscan order, which was confirmed by the Holy See in July 1942. He was forced to relinquish the right to his name within the order, Tomislav.

From 27 October 1942 to 20 March 1943 he was Commandant of Stara Gradiška Camp. During that period, mass executions and individual killings began, in which Majstorović participated, according to his own confession.

During 1943 and 1944 he was a spy in Herzegovina and Central Bosnia, and was an adjutant in the 4th Ustasha Unit in Lika.

In May 1945 he fled to Austria, where the British caught him and extradited him to the Yugoslav authorities. He was sentenced to death in Zagreb on 29 June 1945.


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