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Uštica camp

Uštica was part of the Jasenovac camp system in which at least 17,000 Roma were killed. The Roma were brought to the camp on the basis of racial laws passed on April 30, 1941. The arrests of certain groups of Roma began in July 1941, and on May 20, 1942, their mass arrests were organized throughout the ISC. They were taken to Jasenovac mostly in groups, with all their movable property. The accompanying lists do not contain their names, but only the number of persons or freight wagons to which they were transported, which makes it difficult to identify the victims by name.

In June 1942, when the influx of Roma into the camp was particularly large, they were divided into two groups. Older men, women and children were separated from younger men and immediately taken to Donja Gradina on execution. The younger men were housed in Camp III C on the open grounds of Camp III Ciglana. There, they died en masse from hunger, thirst, exhaustion and physical abuse. Part of the Roma was located in the so-called a gypsy camp in the village of Uštica, in abandoned houses of murdered Serb families. A small part of the Roma were assigned to working groups and mostly worked on the most difficult jobs, including the work as gravediggers in Donja Gradina. Almost no Roma who entered the camp, regardless of gender or age, survived.

"I know from my own observation that in the middle of 1942, the so-called Independent state of Croatia deprived of liberty all gypsies who lived in Dalj. On that occasion, all men, old men, women and children, gypsies by origin, were first sent to Osijek, and from Osijek, as far as I heard, they were sent to the Jasenovac concentration camp, where they were probably executed by the so-called authorities of ISC  because none of these people ever returned to Dalj, nor did they report anything."

Record of the hearing of Kajica Kicoš in the case against Andrija Artuković, HDA, fund 421 (JT SRH), box 6 / VI d; A-SPJ-1591


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