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Memorial museum collections

Jasenovac Memorial Museum seeks to collect for its collections primarily personal items, documents and photographs belonging to (killed or survivors) detainees of the Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška camps, and to encourage surviving detainees or family members of killed or deceased detainees to leave a written or audiovisual trace of their story. The museum material was collected through donations from individuals who survived the Jasenovac camp or family members of victims, purchase from domestic and foreign institutions, archeological excavations and field research, etc. In addition to items related to camp victims, the collections consist of documents and photographs that testify to the brutality of the Ustasha regime and the crimes committed in the Jasenovac concentration camp.

Donation by Bogdan Bogdanović (historical, artistic)

A collection of drawings and sketches of the Flower monument donated to the museum by the author of the monument, architect Bogdan Bogdanović. It consists of 282 sketches of the architectural design of the monument Flower, and part of which was published in the publication "Genesis of Flowers" published by Jasenovac Memorial site.

Collection of documents (memorial, historical)

The collection largely includes the correspondence of the detainees of the Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška concentration camps with their families, ie camp return tickets that were censored and limited to 25 words per stationery. A valuable part of the collection are the letters of Ivica Sabljak, a member of the secret camp party organization, which were written in invisible ink, and with which the camp organization came into contact with partisan organization outside the camp. Some of the camp return tickets and letters from Ivica Sabljak were published in the publication "Jedino moje i ostali! Letters from the camp ”by Maja Kućan. The collection also contains personal documents of detainees and documents from the history of Jasenovac.

Photo collection (biographical, memorial, historical)

The collection includes about 1,800 photographs, of which a large number are photographs of detainees from the Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška camps in different periods, mostly taken before the Second World War. The collection also includes photographs of the Ustashas, ​​photographs from the time of the camp's existence, and photographs of the National Commission for Investigation of Crimes of the Occupiers and Their Helpers, which was the first to take photographs of the Jasenovac camp after liberation. Photographs of the destroyed and destroyed Jasenovac camp were collected and published by senior curator Djordje Mihovilović in the book "Jasenovac 1945-1947".

Collection of objects (archeological, documentary, memorial, historical)

A collection of three-dimensional objects whose history is in some way connected with the Jasenovac concentration camp and the detainees of the camp. It consists of personal belongings of detainees collected by excavations of mass graves, a large number of metal objects, art performances created in the camp, and objects of Ustasha provenance.

Art collection (memorial, art)

The collection includes ten artistic performances that are part of the Jasenovac Memorial Area: the Flower Monument by Bogdan Bogdanović, monuments on the sites of former camps, memorial plaques placed under memorial trees, paintings, graphics, sculptures.


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