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Mission statement

Jasenovac Memorial site with the Memorial Museum was founded with the task of collecting, professionally processing and presenting museum and archive material on the Ustasha concentration camp Jasenovac, to take care of the monuments of former Ustasha camps and mass graves, to educate young people on the truth about Jasenovac camps and its victims and differences among people.

The activities of Memorial site are developed in several directions - from collecting, researching, professional processing, protection and presentation of museum material and documentation on the activities of the Ustasha concentration camp Jasenovac - to education programs, organizing exhibitions and publishing, continuous cooperation with surviving detainees and organizing commemorations in honor of the Jasenovac victims.

The purpose of Jasenovac Memorial site is to pay tribute and preserve the memories of all victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp, to condemn all motives for forming this camp, to condemn all crimes committed so that they would never happen again.

In addition to the monumental area in Jasenovac, institution takes care of the preserved authentic camp building Tower and the camp cemetery in Stara Gradiška, the Roma cemetery in Uštica and the mass graves in Krapje, Mlaka and Jablanac.

In addition to the Memorial Museum, there is also an Educational Center. Because of all the victims of Jasenovac camp, Jasenovac today is a place that encourages reflection, learning, research, a place to build a personal attitude and active resistance to evil and crime, but also a place to accept the values ​​of human life and moral principles of humanity. Jasenovac is a place that each of us should leave with a strong message that the crimes of the Jasenovac camp must never happen again. Differences between people, cultures, nationalities should be respected, communicated and learned, and not allowed to provoke crimes against humanity.


Braće Radić 147, 44 324 Jasenovac


tel-faks:+385 44 672 3 19


March 1st - November 30th

Monday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm

The museum is closed on public holidays.