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Jasenovac Ustasha Concentration Camp - the camp complex, camp farms and executio sites extended from Krapje in the west, through Jasenovac to Mlaka and Jablanac in the east, and from the River Strug in the north to the area south of the River Sava, including Donja Gradina, to the line bordered by the villages of Draksenić and Bistrica, beneath the slopes of Prosara in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Covered an area of about 210 km2  on both sides of the Rivers Sava and Una.

Over the years, the locations of mass execution sites and places where the Ustashas formed camp complex have been re-ordered and suitably marked.When jasenovac Memorial Site was established in 1968, a more systematic approach was adopted towards landscaping the entire memorial area of the former Ustasha concentration camp and preserving the memorial sites.

Up to 1991, the former Camp III (Brickworks) in Jasenovac, the Tower and the camp cemetry in Stara Gradiška, the Roma cemetery in Uštica, in Croatia, and the lagerst executions site, Donja Gradina in Bosnia and Herzegovina, werw all under the management of Jasenovac Memorial Site. In conjunction with the League of Anti - Fascist fighters of the People"s liberation Revolution and youth organisations in Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jasenovac Memorial Site also cared for the mass graves and memorials in Mlaka, jablanac, Krapje, Bročice, Draksenić, Bistrica, Orahova and Dubičke krečane.

With the formation of new states from the territory of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Donja gradina became part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both territorially and administratively, that is, parth of the Republika Srpska, whose National Assembly adopted the Act on Donja Gradina Memorial Site on 9 July 1996.

The memorial sites of the former Ustasha camp which lie on the left bank of the River Sava, in the Republic of Croatia, remained under the administration and care of Jasenovac Memmorial Site.

These sites today belong to the Sisak - Moslavina and Brod - Posavina counties.

Jasenovac Memorial Site is to the east of the village of jasenovac, on the road from Novska to Jasenovac, which is parallel to the Sisak - Novska railway line.




Braće Radić 147, 44 324 Jasenovac


tel-faks:+385 44 672 3 19


March 1st - November 30th

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 4pm

The museum is closed on public holidays.