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Stjepan Risović

Stjepan Risović, born in Slavonski Prnjavor near Slavonski Brod, was appointed municipal notary in Krapje in 1940 or early 1941. During 1941 he was transferred to Jasenovac, where he managed to establish contact with the inmate doctors of the Ustasha hospital in the village. He agreed to collaborate with members of the Communist Party of Croatia from Plesmo and passed to the inmates information on the progress of the People’s Liberation Movement and letters from the Communist Party of Croatia and the Committee for Helping Camps. The inmate doctors supplied him with medicines and bandages for Partisan units in Slavonia. When the Ustashas discovered what he was doing, he was arrested towards the end of 1943. In the 1944 index of the camp parcel office, i.e. the list of prisoners who had received parcels, his name was entered as number 2581. He was sent to work in the brickworks and was killed in the autumn of 1944.

In 1942 Ivan Mačković Baća, a forester from Jasenovac, who was Risović’s contact, smuggled a drawing of the camp, with a description of the weaponry and state of the Ustasha units, out of Camp III (Brickworks). This was to help the Partisan plan an attack on the camp in order to release the prisoners. He died in combat at the hands of the Ustashas in 1944, somewhere between Trebež and Lonja.


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