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Bročice camp

The Bročice camp was the first camp established in the Jasenovac concentration camp system. It was located near Jasenovac, built along the river Strug and the forest Krndija. The first detainees were brought on 21 August 1941 from the disbanded camps in Gospić, Slana and Metajna. Soon the camp was filled with groups of detainees who came from various parts of the NDH, and they were exclusively men, first Jews and Serbs, and a little later the first groups of Croats were brought. The detainees were housed in wooden barracks surrounded by barbed wire and Ustasha watchtowers.

Five kilometres further on we saw Bročice camp: black, bristling wire rose in dense rows to a height of over three metres. The impenetrable wire fence bordered a regular square area of ground, whose sides were about five hundred metres long. Each of the four corners was dominated by a tower on stilts, overlooking the camp, and a tall guard house, from which a heavy machine gun protruded. In the middle of the camp there were three broken-down barracks, made of old planks.
…To one side there was a fourth, smaller barracks, where the camp staff and office were housed.
… Huge numbers of Serb villagers and citizens arrived, columns of Croatian youth, workers and intellectuals, Jews, students, tradesmen and craftsmen. Death was hard at work, yet it did not succeed in thinning our ranks. There were always about 2,000 of us…

Vladimir Carin, Smrt je hodala četveronoške (Death walked on all fours), Zagreb, 1961, pp. 32, 33 and 45.


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