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Međustrugovi and Uskočke šume

The memorials in Međustrugovi and Uskočke šume (Uskoci Woods) were erected on the locations of mass murders and executions of prisoners from Ustasha Camp V (Stara Gradiška), especially during 1944.

In 1946, 967 victims were exhumed (311 men, 467 women and 189 children) from four mass graves. The remains of these victims were later interred in a common cemetery/ossuary in the Stara Gradiška Camp cemetery.

The remains of identified victims were returned to the places from whence they had been sent to the camp (these were mostly people from the Srijem area).

The cemetery is located to the right of the forest path (on the right bank of the River Strug – downstream), and is fenced with wire and marked with a memorial. The location of the mass graves is marked by a tablet fixed to a tree on the left hand side of the road.

About a thousand victims are buried in Međustrogovi Woods in one enormous mass grave.

The victims were thrown, naked and tangled together, with no formalities, into the pit. It was impossible to exhume and identify them due to the condition and position of the bodies. Among them are a large number of villagers from the village of Vrbovljani.

The cemetery has been bordered by a low concrete wall, and in the centre a monument has been erected.

Međustrugovi and Uskoci Woods are about 8 kilometres from the village of Gornji Varoš, up the River Sava, i.e. several kilometres south of Vrbovljani.


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