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Relief dedicated to the victims of fascism in Jasenovac

Dušan Džamonja is the author of the Relief Dedicated to the Victims of Fascism in Jasenovac, created in 1968 for the opening of the Memorial Museum in Jasenovac. The relief is made of iron chains, placed vertically and welded by electro-welding into six vertical tables, in the form of doorposts. To these have been added wooden shapes in the form of human bones, placed across the first, second, fifth and sixth tables. By using the technique of electro-welding the author has achieved the effect of metallic patina in grey tones, with brown and black-blue nuances. The relief has been placed on supports on the south wall of the museum. Due to corrosion, which took place over a period of time, in 1998 it was restored and preserved by the Croatian Restoration Institute of Zagreb. During the adaptation of the Memorial Museum, the relief was removed from the south wall of the exhibition hall and sent to the Croatian Academy of Science and Art’s plaster cast workshop in Zagreb for further restorative and protective work. With the author’s permission, it was placed on the north wall of the patio of the Memorial Museum in Jasenovac in April 2006.

Although he mostly draws with chalk and in the technique of lavish ink, from the beginning of his artistic creation, Džamonja's work has been focused on sculpture, especially monumental issues. Jamonja was primarily attracted by the tasks in which human heroism was to be expressed, as well as the suffering of abused, tortured and killed victims in death camps. He used various materials in his work, from bronze and iron to wood, glass, concrete and polyester. He designed several monumental complexes, among which are the Monument of the Revolution in Podgarić, the Memorial Monument in Mrakovica, the Memorial Ossuary to the Fallen Yugoslav Fighters in the First and Second World War in southern Italy, Barletta, etc. He also made a series of reliefs for parks and town squares.


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