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Publishing activities

The topic of Jasenovac Concentration Camp is well represented in literature, through published archive material, in expert historiographical works and other publications.

Although the topic of the Jasenovac Camps is often considered insufficiently researched in historiography and by publicists, and is even thought to be an inadequate subject for serious treatment, the number of bibliographical items which in full or in part deal with Jasenovac mean that it heads a list of subjects which researchers, publicists and individuals write about in researching the Second World War in this part of the world.

The Activities of Jasenovac Memorial Site included independent publishing, starting with an internal paper "Poruke“ ("Messages“), and then a series of books under the same title.

Jasenovac Memorial Site used to hold a traditional commemorative event known as the “Youth meeting” and a literary event called “Fraternity of songs and rivers”, as well as scientific meetings and meetings of radio amateurs, which have been reported in the press and advertised through posters, books and postcards.

We have printed exercise books with a picture of the Flower Memorial and biographical notes on its author, Bogdan Bogdanović for our young visitors and produced badges with miniature replicas of the Flower and other Jasenovac memorials.

Jasenovac Memorial Site has produced four documentary films on the Jasenovac Camps: “Jasenovac 1945” (1966), directed by Bogdan Žižić, “Evanđelje zla” (Gospel of Evil) (1973), directed by Gojko Kastratović, “Krv i pepeo Jasenovca” (Blood and Ashes of Jasenovac) ( 1984), directed by Lordan Zafranović, and “Kula smrti” (Tower of Death) (1988), directed by Vladimir Tadej.

In continuing publishing activities after the Homeland War, Jasenovac Memorial Site launched a library of volumes in 2001, under the editorship of Slavko Goldstein, then the president of the Jasenovac Memorial Site Advisory Board, entitled “Stone Flower”. Two volumes have been published to date.

The Jasenovac Memorial Site Advisory Board prepared a proposal for the publishing activities of Jasenovac Memorial Site in 2007, and appointed Tea Benčić Rimay editor of a library of volumes entitled “Banality of Evil”. 


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