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Third Permanent Museum Exhibition - 2006

The third museum exhibition of the Jasenovac Memorial Museum provides a space for the speech of the victim - an individual, thus raising awareness of the dignity of the victim. Such a conceptual setting is in line with the scientific methodology applied by contemporary historiography and museology, and is based on the perception of individual personal destinies in the context of mass crimes, which encourages in visitors not only compassion but also a strong critical attitude towards crime and violence in general.

It was not possible to exhibit all museum and archive material in the Memorial Museum within a space of 350 m2, so the multimedia solution was taken into consideration while creating museum exhibition, ie the way museums are exhibited in several different ways: digital presentation of museums on monitors, audio-video presentation of testimonies of memories of surviving detainees. This way of presentation enabled the visitors of the Jasenovac Memorial Museum to have more information and presentation of more museum objects than would be possible with the classic way of exhibiting. To this end, a database was created in which 65 topics were chronologically and thematically dealt with in detail, from the founding of the Independent State of Croatia and ties with the Third Reich, the establishment and operation of the Jasenovac concentration camp, genocide, Holocaust and terror against members ethnically, religiously and ideologically different nations and groups, Righteous Among the Nations and Jasenovac Righteous, establishment and operation of the Jasenovac Memorial Site, chronology, controversies about Jasenovac.

Very important exhibit, the names and surnames of the victims are written on 277 glass surfaces on the ceiling of the Museum, and the names of the victims with information on the year of birth and death and the ethnicity of the victim are printed on two large plasma monitors for over eleven hours. On three personal computers, by entering some of the known data, the visitor can read the data collected so far about each victim individually, with data on her suffering and the sources in which she is mentioned.

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