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First permanent museum exhibition – 1968

The exhibition was displayed on two levels. The following were displayed in glass cabinets; inmates’ personal items found while reordering the memorial area or during the exhumation of mass graves, original letters written by inmates and by leaders of the illegal camp branch of the Communist Party of Croatia, original Ustasha documents such as referral papers, memoranda on deportations, a copy of the Index from the Parcel Office (a list of prisoners who had received parcels in 1944) and reproductions of drawings done by Danijel Ozma while an inmate of the camp.

Above the cabinets, on the side walls of the exhibition hall, a frieze consisting of originals and copies of documents and photographs from the period of the ISC and the period immediately after the liberation of the camp was mounted. Items such as weapons used to kill the prisoners were placed behind mock prison bars, with accompanying thematic and individual captions, so that visitors would be able to learn of the terrible achievements of Nazism and Fascism in Europe and particularly in our country, how the ISC came into existence and how Jasenovac Concentration Camp operated, along with details of prisoner resistance.

The cinema was used to show documentary films, most frequently “Evanđelje zla” (Gospel of Evil), directed by Gojko Kastratović and “Jasenovac 1945”, directed by Bogdan Žižić.


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