Slavko Kvaternik on the persecution of Serbs

«...Of nearly all the unrests, outbreaks and rebellions described so far, it is clear that the initiative for these persecutions originated from Pavelić and racists, as well as the carrying out of the above by the savage Ustasha . With these persecutions Pavelić took the Croatian people and his own government by surprise, .. . The cause of the Serbian persecutions are obvious. Pavelić, the racists and all Ustasha émigré returnees have been seething with revenge and hatred towards Serbs. Their twelve-year period of emigration, during which they only lived for revenge, has turned them into psychopaths, mentally disturbed people craving blood vendettas. This I have seen at every step, for whoever was not like them was branded a traitor to the Croatian people.»

Slavko Kvaternik on the persecution of Serbs.

Nada Kisić-Kolanović, «Vojskovođa i politika», Zagreb, 1997, p. 219