MIJO BABIĆ GIOVANNI (Nova Bukovica, near Slatina, 1903 – Berkovići, near Stolac, 1941), Ustasha officer

In 1929, as a young man, Babić became a member of the Croatian Home Defence organisation, whose goal was to achieve an independent Croatian state through armed conflict. He was the Commandant of the First Homeland Defence Detachment in Zagreb.

He carried out an assassination in Zagreb in 1929 on A. Schlegel, the director of Jugoštampa and the editor-in-chief of Novosti. In the same year he planted an explosive device in the barracks of the Zagreb police force.

In 1931 he fled to Hungary, then to Italy, where he became the commandant of the first Ustasha military camp in Bovegno, and a person in whom Pavelić placed a great deal of trust.

Following the Marseilles assassination, he was interned on the island of Lipari (1935-1938) and later, in Lucca (Tuscany).

He came to Zagreb in mid-April 1941, with the Poglavnik. He became a Commissioner of the Ustasha Headquarters, the Poglavnik’s adjutant and the Commander-in-Chief of all the Ustasha camps in the Independent State of Croatia.

In early May 1941 he participated in slaughtering Serbs in Kordun and other parts of the Independent State of Croatia.

He was killed in combat, probably with chetniks, in Berkovići, near Stolac, on 3 July 1941.