IVICA MATKOVIĆ (Zlarin, near Šibenik, 1913 – Celje area, 1945) Ustasha lieutenant colonel

After leaving high school, Matković graduated from the Prague Export Academy.

When the ISC was founded he joined the Ustasha Defence. He was in Jasenovac before the concentration camp was established, and he led the Ustasha camp there. He married a local girl and lived with her in a house formerly used by the Jasenovac schoolmaster, Lazo Kotur, a Serb, whose family had been forced to leave Jasenovac.

At the beginning of 1942 he became Luburić’s adjutant and agent, as Luburić had great faith in him. For a time he carried out the duties of Director of the Third Bureau (at the time when Luburić was in hiding, as an “illegal”), and in 1943 he was transferred to Zagreb. He remained Luburić’s close associate until the end of the war.

He initiated a series of mass executions and individual killings in the camp. He organised the transport and liquidation of Serbs living in the Jasenovac Posavina area – i.e. the inhabitants of Jasenovac, Uštica, Mlaka, Jablanac and Donja Gradina, in the spring and summer of 1942.

In early 1945 the British authorities extradited Matković to the Partisans and he was probably executed in Celje (Slovenia) in May that year.