Bročice Camp, which was one of the first in the Jasenovac concentration camp system, lies on the right bank of the River Strug, near Donja Krndija woods, in a place known as “Bročke jasenine” (Bročice Ash Trees), about two kilometres north of the former Ustasha Camp III (Brickworks) in Jasenovac.

The area where Bročice Camp used to be was thoroughly re-ordered and marked, that is, until construction of the drainage system and embankment in the Sava valley near Jasenovac began.

The construction of the embankment by the River Strug was carried out in such a way as to exclude the area where the camp and mass graves used to be from the flood protection zone.

As a result, and since it is overgrown with bushes, the area of the former camp and mass graves is virtually unidentifiable.