The composition of the memorial train was set in 1989 and it was placed on the site of the former Ustasha Camp III (Brickworks) in Jasenovac, on the spot where transports of prisoners halted.

The composition consists of a steam locomotive (series 20-184), a tender and five double-axle G freight wagons.

The locomotive was built in 1922 in the railway wagon factory in Düsseldorf and was one of 130 in the 20-184 series, which were in use between 1922 and 1974 in this area.

Yugoslav Railways presented the locomotive to Jasenovac Memorial Site and today it is the only one of the series still preserved in the Republic of Croatia.

The wagons behind the locomotive are rectangular with sloping roofs. They were used to transport cattle, and during the time of the Independent State of Croatia, for deporting prisoners.

During the Homeland war, the locomotive and railway wagons suffered damage which was repaired during restoration and protection work in 1999.