In the summer of 1942 the Ustashas formed camp farms in the evacuated Serbian villages of Jablanac and Mlaka, where seasonal, agricultural work was carried out by inmates of Stara Gradiška and Jasenovac Camps.

When their work was finished, the mistreated, hungry, sick prisoners were liquidated by the Ustashas in the village and new victims took their places.

The mass and individual graves in the nearby woods bear witness to the horrors of Jablanac.

During the Second World War 182 Jablanac villagers died. I

n 1964 the village was abandoned after flooding and a fall in the number of households.

The General Committee of the League of the People’s Liberation Movement of Novska erected a memorial plaque on the site of the former village of Jablanac on 24 May 1989. During the Homeland War, the plaque was torn down and thrown into the grass.

Staff of Jasenovac Memorial Site discovered it during a field visit in 2007 and the remains of the plaque are now kept in Jasenovac Memorial Site.